Let's Party!

Say it and spray it without worrying about the cake

Picture this. It's your special day, and your friends bring out a beautiful cake to celebrate. You close your eyes, make a wish and blow out the candles.

You might not be thinking about it at the moment, but blowing out your candles actually left millions of germs and droplets of saliva all over that delicious frosting! Thankfully, Cake Armor has come up with a solution that allows you to enjoy your candles without the risk of anyone getting sick.

We've created a plastic cake cover to go over your sweet treat. There are indentations for candles so you can still light them and blow them out as usual.

This patent-pending technology is coming soon. Join the waitlist to get your Cake Armor today!

Why do you need a cake shield?

In times like these, a product like Cake Armor has never been more relevant. What seemed like a simple celebration tradition could now lead to someone becoming seriously sick.

Our technology isn't just handy for a birthday party. You can also cover a cake at your:

  • Anniversary celebration
  • Super Bowl soiree
  • Engagement extravaganza
Kids and adults alike can benefit from our cake protection device. We're excited to help make the world a safer place while encouraging customers to keep making wishes.

Because all cakes should be protected

If this brand-new device has you scratching your head, we can help break it down for you.

Here are a few things to know about our cake shield:

  • It's made out of recyclable, clear plastic so you can see your cake's design
  • The cake shield will ultimately secure your numbered candles
  • Our product can easily be washed by hand and reused or just put it in your recyclable bin to discard
Our Cake Armor invention will be an affordable way to protect your special dessert from dangerous germs. Our first model fits round cakes, but eventually, we'll design products to cover cakes of all shapes and sizes. We're happy to tell you more about it when you call us at 201-600-8215 now.